Wednesday, March 3, 2010

17 months

Samuel is 17 months today. He And that might be putting it mildly. This stage is about learning...every week, almost every day he learns something new or tries something he hasn't tried before (good or bad).

In the last week my curious 17-month-old has:
learned how to open door knobs
learned how to lift the lid to the toilet (after opening the bathroom door!)
dumped out a plant on the kitchen table and ate the dirt
grabbed a bar of soap during his bath and started eating it
learned how to climb on the kitchen chairs (and helped himself to a banana without peeling it - see pic below)
tried to feed his sister a carrot and put a toothbrush in her mouth
grabbed M&Ms from a bowl on the table and stuffed them in his mouth while sitting on my lap (he doesn't get candy!)

At this age Samuel loves...
... to laugh, giggle, run and hide and have us chase him, and be anywhere his sister is. If you were a fly on the wall in our house, you would frequently hear the phrase, "Please don't sit on your sister" over and over again throughout the day. He LOVES his sister and wants nothing more than to sit in the crib or pack-n-play with her (or on her).

...being around and playing with other kids for the most part, although toy sharing is definitely not on his radar at this age. He has fun with his two cousins (Aaron and Jonathan - both less than a year older than him). walk and run outside, at the mall, anywhere! His energy is endless. have us read books to him. This week his Favorite is The Little Gorilla. Others that top the list are The Monster at the End of This Book, I Love You Stinky Face, Goodnight Gorilla and Curious George.

...his nuk, satin pink blankets (which are clearly his sisters but he doesn't understand that) and his lovies (teddies attached to blankets). He will walk around the house all day every day with those three things if I let him. and dancing. I have taught him the sign for dancing and he will ask to dance multiple times every day as he points to the iPod docking station in the kitchen. I wonder what my neighbors think when they see mom and son dancing around the kitchen every day?!

...cell phones, keys, remote controls, cameras, television, and computers. Anything with batteries, buttons, knobs. When he has something he shouldn't, he runs to a corner. So we know that he knows it's 'not a toy.'

Every day with my 17-month-old is wonderfully precious, incredibly difficult, completely exhausting, and absolutely one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

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This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Wow, now that Lauren is aging, it's so funny to see how much they look like each other! They really do!!

Both are just so adorable.