Monday, March 1, 2010

Done differently?

A reader asked the following question from my Ask Me post in December:

Looking back now that you have two beautiful children, is there anything you would have done differently?

Amazingly Ryan and I can only think of one thing each that we would have done differently. Praise the Lord we lived those years with no regrets!

Stacy - I wish I had journaled more. I filled up one notebook with my journaling and I am so thankful I have that notebook, but I do wish I had five of them filled with my feelings, heartache, fears, life lessons, and trials. Looking back on those notes would be an even greater reminder today of God's faithfulness through my time of loss and waiting.

Ryan - I wish I hadn't rushed off to work every single week morning. Looking back I could have taken more time in the morning to relax, drink coffee and soak in moments with my wife.

The list of what Ryan and I would NOT have done differently is much longer. As we were compiling this list we both felt so grateful for the opportunities we took advantage of during our waiting season:

Went on lots of dates and dinner out
Took two missions trips to the Dominican Republic
Volunteered in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina
Ryan got his MBA
Ryan became an overseer at church (2-year, twice-monthly commitment)

We served at church on the leadership team and as small group leaders
Saw lots of movies in the theater - even midnight showings!
Stayed up late and slept in late
Ryan watched Meet the Press on Sunday mornings while quietly sipping a *warm* cup of coffee
Stacy read tons of books and scrapbooked often

Joined a health club and worked out frequently
Enjoyed lots of social time with friends

We moved from the suburbs to Minneapolis to help start Milly City Church (I plan to post more on this decision soon...)

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