Friday, March 26, 2010

The OB/Gyn Waiting Room

I had an OB/Gyn appt on Wednesday. Just my usual annual appointment. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

But a few things made me realize these appointments might not ever be completely 'normal' for me again.

When I was standing at the counter to check in, I looked to my right as a lady in a white coat walked up. My heart caught in my throat. It was the ultrasound tech that had told me my second baby had died in my womb. She wasn't callous when she had told me the news, but she wasn't overly sensitive either. I would recognize her face anywhere. My heart associates pain with her face.

As I sat in the waiting room filling out paperwork - because the clinic is finally transferring to electronic medical records - I had to write down my entire health history including:
How many pregnancies have you had? 3
How many live births? 1

Suck. Didn't really want to think about that right now. Will there always be reminders of my losses?

When I finished the paperwork, I looked over at two gals talking. Both pregnant. And my mind quickly went to a time when I was once again sitting in the waiting room. It was prior to an appt with my doctor in which we talked about infertility testing and a hysterosalpingogram test that would indicate if my tubes were open or blocked. My mom came with me for that appt and as we were waiting we overheard a young lady two chairs away call someone, tell them she just found out she was 6 weeks pregnant and was wondering if the baby was theirs depending on when they had been sent to jail.

Talk about unfairness. We couldn't believe what we were hearing. I had been married for six years and I wasn't concerned that the father of my future baby would be going to jail, leaving me young, single and with child.

All this in just about 10 minutes in the waiting room. Not the best 'trip down memory lane.'

Glad I'm not going back for another 365 days.

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This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

Oh wow. Not a fun day :(

I will always think of you and be as sensitive as possible when I have to be the bearer of that horrendous news (as an ultrasonographer). I have already had to do it twice as a student, and those were two of the worst days at the job ever. The other worst days (and I can't decide which were worse) were the days that I showed a perfectly healthy baby to the couple and they walked out of the office to go get an abortion.
Sometimes my job sucks.

I know what you mean about the paperwork, though. Every time I have to write "0" after "# of times Pregnant" I feel like punching whoever wrote it!