Monday, March 22, 2010

Sabbath Sundays?

Prior to having children I read books that challenged me about how I spent my Sundays. 

Sunday could be - if I so chose - a day of rest. A day of refreshment. A day to relax, have fun, spend time together as a family. Make memories.

In this season of life, with two children under two, I often think about those books.

The reason?

Because that is NOT what my Sundays look like! 

Getting to and from church is tiring and stressful. Once we're home, the rest of the day seems to be filled with entirely too many to-do things that either didn't get done last week or need to get done for the coming week.

Here is a run down of how our Sunday went yesterday:

Awake at 6:50 a.m. to greet our friend who came to fix our water heater. He is a plumber and we needed some plumbing help. 

While he is there, Ryan tries to assist him while helping me feed both kids, get ready for church and get both kids dressed as well.

Pack two diaper bags - one for Samuel in the nursery and one for Lauren who stays in the service with Ryan.

I strive to leave 9:15 because it is my week to teach Sunday School and I need to set up the room. 

Ryan's coming later with both kids.

I'm out the door at 9:30 because I can never leave on time. Eat banana and granola bar in car.

Ryan gets to church at 10:30 (later than usual) after squeezing in a morning nap for Lauren at home...and because it always takes more time than we think to get both kids into the car with all necessary items.

I teach Sunday School. 

Samuel in nursery.

Lauren with Ryan.

Church over. 

It's our week to help tear down after the service (we meet at a school) so Ryan spends 30 minutes doing that while I manage both kids. Samuel is running all over and I am chasing him while holding Lauren.


But thank the Lord our community loves kids. They all help me 'catch' Samuel every few minutes.

Ryan takes samuel home. I follow with Lauren.

12:10 Enter home. Heat up leftovers for lunch.

Samuel is tired and crabby and clearly does not feel well.

Boys are eating. I get Laurent to put her to bed for another nap and she has pooped through all her clothes while in the car seat. 

Lauren gets a bath. 

Samuel goes to bed.

It's now 12:45 - I'm starving and need to pump since Lauren got a bottle at church.

1:15 - Ryan and I lay down for a quick snooze while kids are both napping. 

The rest of the afternoon consists of haircuts for the boys while the girls go grocery shopping. 

Dinner. Dishes. Bath. Books. Bedtime.

I know that years from now our Sundays will look different. We won't have to worry about morning naps, feedings during church, chasing toddlers, overstuffed diaper bags and poop blowouts.

But for now, this is our life.

Someday I'll strive for Sabbath Sundays...maybe in about 18 years?


cybil said...

Hi Stacy,
I think one of the good things here in Europe is that shops are closed on Sundays. So - no haircuts available and grocery shopping is very limited.
I know it's often seen as a disadvantage, but I really like the Sunday atmosphere with shops closed.
Enjoy your day

cybil said...
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Anonymous said...

this is what we go thorugh too! is worst now because russ is just finishing writting pappers to graduate in may. it will get better. love hearing the stories.
take care my friend