Friday, March 12, 2010

While we were waiting....

When Ryan and I were out to dinner Tuesday night for our anniversary, we were discussing marriage and our nine years together. At one point we were talking about highs and lows and Ryan said something like, "I am not angry about the time we waited for Samuel."

He then went on to explain his thoughts, but I was caught up in that statement:

"...we waited for Samuel."

We didn't know while we were waiting that we were waiting for Samuel. We didn't know what our future family would look like or how many members there would be or what their names would be (Samuel wasn't even on my radar for names...then again I hadn't anticipated the arrival of a son as quickly as he came into our lives!).

We truly didn't know what we were waiting for. Yes, we wanted children but we didn't know how they would come into our lives or what the timeline would look like. All I know is that Ryan and I both felt called to wait. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am so very grateful we chose to wait and not pursue our own agenda. We might have missed the perfect plan God had for our marriage and our family.

I love that Ryan looks back on that time and refers to it as the season we were waiting for Samuel. It will be such a joy to tell Samuel some day that we waited years and years for him. And that he was so worth the wait!

We waited in Hope. We waited on the Lord. We waited for His miracles. 

We waited for Samuel. 

And what a precious, perfect, beautiful little man we waited for.


Stacey said...

Worth the wait, indeed! You have such a beautiful family and a beautiful testimony.

jayfersgirl said...

This is exactly how I tell our story of waiting for our daughter...2 years of not getting pregnant and then suddenly getting pregnant. When I wrote a blog post detailing that story I entitled it "Waiting for Brooklyn." And my husband and I talk about how hard and painful the wait was, and yet we had to wait to get her! One second sooner, and we would have conceived a completely different child...something we can't even imagine.
Isn't it amazing?