Thursday, April 15, 2010


We're working on choices with Samuel these days.

Samuel, which books would you like to read before bed? You can choose two books.

Samuel, do you want more toast or more banana?

Samuel, you can play outside or on the porch. Where would you like to play? (outside is a given but it's good to offer choices!)

I am also having to work on choices myself. Each day during nap time I have to choose what I want to do. I have to choose how I will spend my precious 1-1/2 hours of 'calm and quiet.'

At 11:30 this morning I found myself putting away the oatmeal Samuel ate for breakfast. That seems to be how my days are going lately. I am always a few steps behind. So it is a great struggle for me in choosing how to spend my time in the afternoon.

My usual options are:
pick up the house
food prep for dinner
computer - email/blog

I find that more often than not, sitting still before the Lord, or opening my Bible to read a chapter, is not what I choose to do. Somehow unless I'm trying to be productive and get things done around the house, I view my afternoon as 'me' time to rest, relax and get re-energized for the evening.

If you are FB friends with me, you might have noticed that my status last week indicated that I had been sucked into Twilight. I read the entire book in 5 days and it's more than 400 pages. It was fabulous.

I promise you that I have not read 400 pages in my Bible since Lauren was born.

Life is all about choices and it's a hard realization sometimes when we see what we're choosing.

Angela Thomas, author of Tender Mercy for a Mother's Soul, had four children in seven years. She knows about hard choices and the difficulties of maintaining your relationship with the Lord when you have young children.

She puts it this way: "I learned how to be with the Lord while he (her son) was in the baby swing. That means, of course, that nobody is folding towels and no one is deciding what's for dinner. But that's the kind of choosing that fills the soul and gives you what you can give to your children."

The kind of choosing that fills the soul...

I want to choose what fills my soul. I don't just want to choose what needs to be done, or should be done, or has to be done. Or even what I want to be done.

I want to choose what is going to fill my soul and trust God to help everything else get done.

Oh Lord, help me to choose you. To be a good great wife and mom, I need to make the kind of choices that fill my soul.

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Aunt Sharon said...

Thank you Stacy for a good reminder. I am trying to read the Bible thru in one year and I am many days behind. I need to make a better choice! God bless.