Wednesday, April 28, 2010

God heals

Today is April 28. As I was driving home this morning from my brother's house, I got to thinking about the month of April and I realized that I had forgotten something significant.

I forgot April 20.

I forgot that one year ago on April 20 we had an ultrasound and saw that we would be having a baby girl.

But more importantly I forgot that April 20 was the due date of our second baby.

How did I forget? Shouldn't that date be etched on my heart forever?

But I did forget.

And therefore I've come to this conclusion:

Time does not heal. God heals.

In His great, mighty and unfathomable ways, God heals.

If I were typing this post today, still having not adopted or conceived a baby, I do not believe time would have healed this wound. It would have been glaringly obvious what April 20 represented in our lives. That date would have opened up the tender, aching hole in my heart.

Instead, God in his merciful and faithful ways, has used blessings and miracles to heal the hole  in my heart.

If you are hurting, if you are in a season of waiting - be that for a spouse, baby or something else - time does not make the waiting easier and time certainly does not heal the pain of waiting or losses.

In a lot of ways, time only magnifies our pain as we see 'life go on' for others, and for us it seems to just stand still.

But our God is big and He alone can bring the healing that our hearts so desperately long for.

Some of my healing took place the summer before Samuel arrived. Some of it took place after God brought us a miracle and I realized His plan was much greater and grander than anything I could plan on my own. And the rest of my healing continues a little more each day.

Will I forget the journey God had me on? Never.

Will the pain lessen more each year? I hope so.

But I believe that's because God promises to heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds (Psalm 147) and because we are told that after a night of weeping, rejoicing comes in the morning (Psalm 30).

Praise God that He heals hearts and does not wait for the turning pages of a calendar to bring us healing. Praise God that He holds my little one in His tender care. Praise God that He desires to bring a morning of rejoicing for every single one of us.


Kim said...

Thank you.

Anna C said...

Thanks for this Stacy. This line really spoke to me:
"In a lot of ways, time only magnifies our pain as we see 'life go on' for others, and for us it seems to just stand still."
We really do have to get involved with what God is currently doing in our lives, not just wait for something Him to do something else. If we don't see Him active now, we miss so much and only have our pain or lack to hold on to.

tea said...

Thank you for sharing this

pianoconcerta said...

That was a blessing. Thank you for sharing this.

Stacey said...

I absolutely love this post. I know I can never forget, but it encourages me to be reminded that God heals and is working in my heart even now. Thanks!