Friday, April 9, 2010

Podcasts - Parenting, Adoption, Infertility, Marriage

Here's my step-by-step directions on how to subscribe to podcasts via iTunes. I LOVE listening to them - at home, in the car, walking with my iPod....wherever, whenever. Whether it's a sermon, author speaking about their book, an interview, radio show, etc. 

On the iTunes screen, click on itunes store on the left
In the search bar in the upper right corner type in James Dobson Parenting
The podcast icon comes up and you click on subscribe
Then on the left side of your iTunes screen under Library (where it says Music, Movies, Tv Shows, Podcasts), click on podcasts
Any podcasts that you subscribe to will be shown here
You have to click the "get" button to download the podcasts (I haven't done it for a month so when I go in there it will download all of the Focus on Parenting podcasts from the past month. If this is your first time not sure how many will show up)
You can search for any church, topic, speaker, author, etc in the search bar to see if you can subscribe (for free!) to their podcasts (if they have them)
Focus on Parenting are all short 4-8 min talks, but sometimes there is a series so I just listen to them all at once

Other topics to search:
I typed in infertility in the search bar and saw four podcasts one could subscribe to
Focus on Marriage
Parenting - you will see TONS of podcasts (it's a bit overwhelming actually)
Adoption - I haven't listened to any of those yet, but I'd like to

The Focus on the Family James Dobson on Parenting podcast that I referred to in my last post is called: Game Plan for Successful Parenting and there are 10 podcasts in that series. 

Any questions - please ask! Otherwise Happy Podcasting!

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