Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birth moms and babies

Last week Jeremiah 29:11 took her little guy Thomas home from the hospital.

My friend K also took her baby home from the hospital.

Both have waited years to become a mom so it is quite fun to see pictures and read what is happening because of the miracle of adoption.

This week I am desperately praying for the two birth moms that helped make these dreams come true.

Having been through childbirth, I think of their bodies and all they are adjusting to after labor and delivery. Their milk comes in, their muscles are sore, the after-care and healing that needs to take place. The crazy hormones that come on so rapidly.

What I am praying is that as these physical changes happen with their body, they would remain steadfast in their decision to follow through with their adoption plan.

I am praying that they would sign the consent form and that God would give them peace about their decision.

While they lay in bed at night wondering about the baby they just gave birth to, I am praying God's presence would overwhelm them and their family would surround them to remind them they made the right decision. 

That's what I'm praying for these families, birth moms and babies. Oh Lord, hear our prayers. Bless these families. We praise you for these little miracles and we trust you for their futures.


Jeremiah 29:11 said...

Thank you for your sweet prayers!!! We are praying so hard over here. I have never prayed so fervently for one intention before. You are so kind to remember us. Jesus, we trust in You. Please help these birthmothers to heal.

Thankful said...

I so often think about the moments in the hospital but fail to think about the physical changes afterward. Thank you for the reminder - and many prayers for all involved in these beautiful stories!

Leila said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Mrs. Mike said...

Amen! It's humbling that we walk away with the better end of the deal in an adoption. I'll wholeheartedly join you in praying for these courageous and generous birthmothers...all of them!

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Absolutely. I cannot imagine what the birthmothers go through after it is all said and done, I just hope our Lord gives them the peace to know that they provided their children with the best gifts ever - life and a stable, loving home.