Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do it now

Ryan and I are part of a small group of couples from our church that meet Tuesday nights. Right now we are discussing finances. 

Ryan shared this week about a friend of his who once told him, "I'll start giving (money) when I make more (money)."

Ryan's response? "No you won't. If you don't start giving now, chances are you never will."

A friend once told me that when she had kids she would start going to church so they could be in Sunday School. At the time I thought the same thing Ryan did, but I'm pretty sure I didn't say that. I should have said, "No you won't. If you're not committed to finding a church and going weekly now, chances are you never will."

Now that I have little ones, it is quite challenging to get everyone up and out the door on Sunday mornings. If Ryan and I hadn't made a commitment to be involved at church before we had children, it would be that much harder when kids are sick, parents are sleep-deprived and a morning at home is too tempting to resist.

Often newlyweds make financial decisions in their pre-kid years that prevent the wife from staying at home once they are blessed with babies (if this is what she would choose to do). They have two incomes so they spend, spend, spend: vacations, news cars, new homes, eating out, latest fashions....

While it would be easy to cast judgment, that is certainly not my intent.

What I want to say is this: Do It Now.

Whatever 'it' is for you.

If you hope to give money to a worthy cause someday, start giving now. Adopt a child through an organization like World Vision or find a local non-profit to give a donation to. Start small and you can still make a big impact.

If you hope to attend a church or get involved in a group at your current church, take steps toward making that happen now. Go online, ask some questions, talk with a neighbor or friend. Check out churches in your community.

If you want to be a stay-at-home mom someday, make wise choices now. Develop habits that teach you to limit your spending. Buy less house than you can afford. Purchase previously owned vehicles with low monthly payments and lower insurance. Pay down your debt. That one is worth repeating: pay down your debt.

These are three examples that came to mind, but there are so many more situations out there that this could apply to.

So whatever it is, do something. And do it now. 

You won't regret it.


Leila said...

Very wise advice!

And, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I have truly enjoyed reading yours over the past months! :)

kim said...
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kim said...

Excellent advice!

Sew said...

Ahhh so true! When I was working we defintely took advantage of the extra income but we always knew that it wasn't forever so we paid our wedding debt off etc....It is so true to start off living on one income instead of two right out of the gate!

I don't miss the extra income, I'm sure hubby does....hahaha But it's too stressful for me when I get my hands in the finances so I stay out of them. I know what comes in and goes out, I have access to all accounts but I choose not to be involved in the every day! ;)

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Very true. When we were first married, money was so tight. We gave a very small amount every week – it was what we could do at the time. We felt we had more time than money so we started volunteering more – both at church and at local organizations. That really started as a way to tithe with our time, but we immediately became involved and are still involved with these things that we started 8+ years ago. Of course, we are able to contribute more money-wise now, but whenever I hear people say they can’t give, I always remind them that $ is just one option – look at your talent, time, treasure, & ministry. You can give SOMETHING. You won't regret giving, but you will look back one day and regret NOT doing it.

Percolating Petals said...

Great post and very wise words. :)

Breen said...

I read your blog frequently and this post really hit home with me. My hubby and I have said when we have kids we'll go to church more often. The finances too makes sense.

Thanks for this post! Something to really talk to my husband about.

JellyBelly said...

Great advice!!! We have an amazing financial planner (who is also a member of our parish and is on committees with myself and the Mr.). We're trying to pay down as much debt as we can now so when we're down to one income we will be able to afford our life!

We're both very fortunate to have jobs that are well paying and that are recession-proof (teachers in our province are compensated well, which I know isn't the case in all places). I know that we are very wasteful, but having a third person helping us invest and save is a great thing to have.

I'm so glad that I don't have to do all of the money stuff on my own. Mr. JB is pretty much hands off when it comes to bill paying and he loves to spend money as much as I do! Thank God we have someone telling us to stop!!