Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good Grief

On this Memorial Day Weekend, I thought it timely to share this fantastic message about grief. In the past year friends have lost grandparents, spouses, parents, pets, homes, jobs, health. There is a lot in this life for us to grieve...

Good Grief by Vance Pitman
Scroll all the way to the bottom - last message on the page.

Definition of grief: Intense sadness and great sorrow that results from a loss (whether that be death of a dream, loss of a relationship or person in your life, loss of a job, loss of your health, loss of life as you knew it).

Four realities about grief:
1. Grief is inevitable
2. Grief is temporary
3. Grief has meaning
4. Grief is ultimately turned to joy

*Note - The pastor does talk about the labor pains of women and gives an example of his wife going through birth. Should this be a sensitive topic for you, you may not want to listen.

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