Sunday, May 23, 2010

Worthy of our praise

This morning we sang Hallelujah in our worship service. I CANNOT stop thinking about this song. Whenever I hear it, everything in me wants to drop to my knees in worship. Or jump to my feet and raise my hands high.

Here are the lyrics:
Hallelujah, hallelujah
You are worthy, of our praise (repeat)

Be high and lifted up
Be high and lifted up
Be high and lifted up, Jesus

It's You we glorify
It's You we're lifting high
Your name be glorified

As I listen - if I truly let the words sink in and wash over me - they are cleansing to my soul. The words wash out the selfishness in me. The anger. The fear. The sadness. The anxiety. The critical spirit. The self-centeredness. The doubt. The despair. Because these words are not about me. They're all about Him. And sometimes I needed to be reminded that life is not about me.

These words make me want to cry or scream or shout or weep or cheer. I want God's name to be glorified. I want to lift Him high....simply because He is worthy of our praise.

I found the following video of Hallelujah and it includes numerous verses that focus on praising, worshiping and bringing glory to God. I keep watching it over and over again.

Take a few minutes (right now if you can) and turn the music up. I mean UP. Forget everything around you and either get on your knees or jump to your feet. 

Because He is worthy friends. He is WORTHY.


Hallelujah Lyrics


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cybil said...

YES! Halleluja!!