Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Waiting and hoping

When Ryan and I were teenagers and struggling in our dating relationship I clung to hope that we would somehow work things out for the better.

When we were waiting to have babies, we survived by trusting in the God of hope to hear our prayers.

Today we find ourselves clinging to hope once again.

Isn't life all about hope? We hope for better weather, we hope for better health, we hope for a nicer or newer house and car. We hope to find a job we love that pays adequately. We hope to find the love of our life to spend our future with. We hope to build great, authentic friendships. We hope to find a church when we can be part of a community of people that love Jesus. 

We hope.

We hope in God. We hope in his Word. We hope that tomorrow will bring something different than today.

Some days are tough when you're waiting and hoping. Some days are good. Some days are gut-wrenchingly awful. Some days are full of anticipation and joy.

When you're waiting and hoping you can go from mountain top moments to valleys in a matter of minutes.

I think I learned during my first season of waiting (I hate even writing that because I DO NOT want this to be another season of waiting) that it's not so much about waiting and hoping.

It's more about waiting in hope.

Lord we wait for a job. Lord we wait for income. Lord we wait for unemployment to start. Lord we wait for you.

Psalm 33:20...We wait in hope for you Lord.


Stacey said...

Waiting in hope with you, friend, and hoping the Lord will provide something soon.

Anonymous said...

Every time we go to Mass, we hear these words, "take away all of our anxiety as we wait in joyful hope." I find such peace in reflecting on these daily. I hope you do too.