Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why I Write

I read blogs. And books.

A lot of blogs. And a lot of books.

Not all the time. Not every day. And sometimes not even every week.

I love reading, but with little people wandering around with lots of needs (like time and attention!) and little people who are very curious about things like screens with buttons you can touch, or books that can be used as flying torpedoes or lunch food, my computer time and reading time is usually limited to nap time and after bed time.

Right now I'm reading numerous parenting books and The Help. Not that I don't have 15 books piled by my bed, but I'm certainly not reading all of them.

And when time allows, I read blogs. My friend's blogs, I-want-to-be-a-mom blogs, parenting blogs, cooking blogs, writing blogs, how-to-run-my-household-and-be-a-better-wife-and-mom blog, etc, etc.

In thinking about these blogs, I was wondering what kind of blog In Its Time is. What it started as almost two years ago was a way to communicate to friends and family our incredible story of Samuel and our adoption journey.

Then it sorta became an oh-wow-we're-pregnant-and-going-to-have-two-babies-11-months-apart blog.

Some people have a little summary underneath their blog title that summarizes what they write about. I cover so many topics that I am not sure how to neatly summarize adoption, waiting on God, parenting, infertility, miscarriage, grief and loss, life lessons, marriage and now unemployment.

Ultimately I feel like my blog is about my amazing Creator and the incredible story that He is writing in my life.

If someone were to ask me what I write about on my blog, or why I have a blog, I think I would  say something like, "I write my story. I write what God puts on my heart. I write what He is teaching me. I write about my weaknesses and shortcomings and where I need to grow. I write about life being hard, yet amazingly sweet when we walk through it with Jesus. I write because I want people to know that life is tough, but God is good."

So maybe it doesn't matter what label someone would put on my blog. Or how I would summarize what I write about.

I just write.

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Stacey said...

And I'm so glad you do! I know your blog touches and encourages so many, including myself. Keep up the good work! :)