Friday, June 4, 2010

Wise words

I've been thinking about these quotes a lot lately due to some recent changes around the May household. I'll share next week what's going on...but until then, let these words speak to your heart or share them with someone else who needs to hear them.

“There’s a sense of stability in trusting the Lord.
That’s how we wait – silently and with a sense of confidence.
When we wait for God to direct our steps, He does!
When we trust Him to meet our needs, He will!” – Chuck Swindoll

“I'm convinced one of the best things God does for us
is to keep us from knowing what will happen beyond today.”


JellyBelly said...

What great quotes! Thanks for sharing!

p.s. Can't wait to hear what is going on in the May household!

Kim said...

Love these, such great reminders, how easily we forget.