Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adoptive moms and motherhood

I read a post on another blog awhile back about adoptive moms and the guilt they can feel about motherhood. After adopting Samuel I found myself feeling much the same way. And after Lauren, I felt even more guilt whenever I thought being a mom was harder than I had anticipated. I love this quote from the post:

A woman who conceived naturally, whether trying or not, wouldn’t be looked down upon if she said in frustration one night, “What I wouldn’t give for just one night of peaceful sleep without worrying about the baby!”

Adoptive moms think like that too. We just are hesitant to say it because we are fearful of being judged for not being found grateful for the child we prayed for and waited for and chose.

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Brenda @ Life As We Know It said...

I can imagine adoptive Mom's feeling like they can never gripe without the guilt:) I know having a child after TTC for some time, I felt like I wasn't "allowed" to not love every second of it. That question of "But you were the one who wanted a baby didn't you?"

Um, yeah, I did. But I never said I'd be any good at this:)

Ann - Building a Nest said...

I can imagine how true that it is. I see former infertiles feel guilty about acknowledging how difficult pregnancy is, so I can really see it happening with adoptive moms who don't want to say how hard something is.