Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear sweet baby girl,

Today is your 10-month-birthday.

10 months!

How did that happen?

My baby has been replaced with a sweet girl who sits up, crawls, pulls herself up on things, smiles, giggles, flirts, claps and coos every day.

I am in so in love with you baby girl. So in love! You are ALWAYS happy to see me. Your beautiful blue eyes see me and I know you trust me. I know you love me. I know that I bring you comfort and joy that on one else in the world does.

These days you are having a hard time being held by other people. You tend to cry when I give you to friends or grandparents or aunties and uncles. You just want your mama.

At times that is hard. But I'm not gonna lie - there is a part of my heart that just loves that you want only me.

Because it won't be this way for long. A few days or weeks from now, you'll be reaching for other people and you won't mind who holds you (or chases you!).

But today I get to hold you. Rock you. Cuddle you. Hug you.

Tonight I fed you a bottle, and then you immediately put your head on my shoulder and I walked around your room as I sang How Great is Our God. You clung to me and my heart soared. I wanted to keep singing forever. I wanted to freeze time.

I want to hold onto these moments because soon they will be just memories.

I thank God for a baby girl who has such a sweet spirit that she smiles almost all the time. I thank God for the joy, contentment and happiness that I see coming from you.

But most of all I thank God that I get to look at your face every day and be reminded that you are  a miracle sent to me from our Great God and I have the privilege of loving and raising you.

At night before I lay you down I pray over you. I ask God to grow in you a gentle and quiet spirit. I pray that people would know that the joy that radiates from you is because of Jesus' love for you. I pray that you will draw people to Him with your beautiful smile and blue eyes.

I have so many prayers and dreams for you baby girl. And I love you more every day.



Little JoAnn said...

Crying. I am crying. This is so beautiful...true and sums up my feelings too. I think those of us who suffered through IF are so privileged to see and experience this level of beauty within motherhood. I can't write this way, so pure and precise, so I really appreciate having your words to help these feelings be reflected in my soul as well.

Little JoAnn said...

Somehow I didn't see the pictures before. GORGEOUS and so filled with joy! Love that dress, so so sweet, "Mommy look at me, I love you!" Enjoy this special time in which she only wants to be with YOU!

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

Absolutely perfect little girl! What a joy and a blessing!

JellyBelly said...

Happy Ten Months Lauren!!!! What a precious girl you have!!!