Thursday, July 8, 2010

Husband, Mama, Baby Boy and Baby Girl

3:30 Baby Girl has not slept more than 30 min ALL DAY. Baby Girl played game with Mama for two hours during which time she sat up in her crib and played each time Mama laid her down. Fun.

3:54 Mama drives to grocery store with Baby Girl.

3:59 Husband calls to tell Mama that Mama's brother is coming to dinner so keep that in mind while grocery shopping.

4:01 Mama puts Baby Girl into grocery cart and reaches into car to grab the diaper bag and purse. No purse.

4:02 Mama calls Husband. Please bring purse to store so I can pay for groceries. Please.

4:07 Mama decides to make fajitas since brother is coming to dinner. Mama grabs red, orange and yellow peppers to saute with chicken. Mama realizes at $1.99 per pepper it will cost $6 just for peppers. Mama decides to put peppers back on shelf and opts for a cheaper dinner option (beef tacos) due to the current lack of household income.

4:15 Mama loves being at store with Baby Girl because everyone comments on her darling blue eyes and bright smile (clearly Baby Girl does not look like she has hardly slept all day).

4:21 Husband calls Mama to tell her he has arrived at grocery store but Mama does not have cell phone signal in store and therefore misses the call.

4:23 Husband and Baby Boy find Mama and Baby Girl.

4:24 Mama quickly realizes Baby Boy (who slept for three hours) is CRABBY and does not want to be at store with Mama and Baby Girl.

4:30 Mama and Husband try to feed Baby Boy and Baby Girl Cheerios to keep them content while shopping is taking place.

4:32 Mama dumps container of Cheerios all over floor.

4:33 Mama walks to next aisle very quickly.

4:45 Mama checks out and gives Baby Girl her grocery list to play with.

4:48 Mama realizes Baby Girl is eating grocery list and now has orange lips and mouth due to orange paper list was written on.

4:55 Mama and Baby Girl arrive home.

Hasn't-hardly-slept-all-day-but-still-happy-Baby Girl

Took-a-three-hour-nap-but-somehow-still-crabby-Baby Boy





cybil said...

wow babygirl looks active and adventurous!!
Greetings from Geneva

Theresa said...

I hope you were a lot more restrained when you made the "I'm at the store with my baby girl and no purse" phone call. I have done that a couple of times now and poor Chris got a sobbing wife at least one of those times! Oh, so looking forward to the adventure of shopping with two...