Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The joys and challenges of two

Having two children, so close together, is becoming more wonderful every day.

Samuel and Lauren play together in the crib, on our screened-in porch, in the tub...just about everywhere. It is so obvious that they adore each other and want to be together. One of Samuel's favorite phrases lately is, "baby in." Meaning he wants baby to come in his crib with him (so he can stand on her, put a blanket over her head and do other fun boy-tricks. We are diligently working on teaching him gentle play).

But here's the thing: it has not been easy having two children less than a year apart. It has only gotten "easier" the last 1-2 months. I can't figure out if that's because Samuel is older or because Lauren is at an age where she is now crawling -- and a little less fragile -- so they can play together. Probably both.

Samuel is 21 months and we are amazed at the things he can understand, say and do. We are in awe of how much it easier it is to communicate with him when he can tell us what he wants and needs and when he can understand what we are saying to him.

Lauren is 10 months and crawling everywhere. While it is a very fun stage, it is a challenging and scary one too. She has no fear and no concept of danger. She eats anything in front of her and tries to climb up or on whatever her brother is playing with.

In just FIVE weeks she is the age Samuel was when she was born. Looking back, I wonder - how did I do it? How in the world did I bring home a baby with an 11-month-old baby already at home? The thought scares me and I already did it!

Everyone said it would be great having two children so close in age. And it is great - now. In all honesty, it was really hard those first 6 (or more) months. I think for a long time I was just focused on survival: Get sleep. Shower. Brush teeth. Feed and clothe children. Repeat.

I was (and sometimes still am) scared to take them in public for fear of what might possibly happen....remember my post about the day I lost my kid? That's the kind of thing that can happen when you've got two very little ones.

But in the last 1-2 months it has become much more fun as I see my kiddos interact together. I love watching them make each other laugh. We have plenty of moments of frustration as 'baby' tries to take away toys that are 'mine.' But things are getting better...easier...and the joys of parenting two are being multiplied every day.


Little JoAnn said...

I LOVE this post. It gave me chills. You expressed the worry as well as the joy of having two little ones under 2 so well.
See, we who have suffered IF, we don't have much control and this ends up extending to being able to space and care for our children. I sometimes think that I don't have a right to say anything about this topic, because I should just be quiet and grateful and never have a worry or frustration. But, this is also PART of the CROSS of IF. I want to say more to you about this, but I will hold off until others post. My heart is filled with many of the same feelings you have. Like being AFRAID of taking two little ones (alone) out in public! I LOVE YOUR BLOG. It is giving me a lot of solace.

Anonymous said...

I watched you do it some and I'm still not sure how you did it! :) God is good and you have a great faith, that's how you did it!


andnotbysight said...

Amen to that! Our babies are two months older than yours--our son (whom we adopted) will be two next month, and our daughter (to whom I gave birth) will be a year old this Saturday. Our son came home to us when our daughter was four weeks old, and I sometimes wonder how we've made it through the last year. I second everything you said in this post!