Monday, July 19, 2010

Telling Samuel's story

I didn't post this before I left, but Lauren and I took a five-day trip with my family to Indiana for a cousin's wedding. We had a wonderful time in Indianapolis...although the travel there and back was filled with a few challenges (I may blog about that another time!).

At the wedding on Saturday my family sat with a couple who had a young son who was right between Lauren and Samuel's ages. We chatted with them and of course the question came up about our son and how close his age is to Lauren.

I was able to tell the story, once again, about our journey to parenthood, the miracle of Samuel and the surprising gift of Lauren. My cousin, the bride, also mentioned to me that she recalls our story often and how she remembers the news of Samuel's arrival into our lives touching her deeply. 

Ryan LOVES to tell people the story of Samuel. He waits for it and anticipates it. I, on the other hand, am a bit more hesitant when I'm talking to strangers. Depending on the situation and how much time I have and what the environment is like, I decide whether or not to share that Samuel is adopted (after I've answered the "How far apart are they?" question). Because once I say he's adopted, chances are I'll be telling the whole story.

This weekend I was reminded again that this story isn't really about us. It's about God and this amazing thing He did in our lives. And maybe when I have the opportunity tell someone, I need to share our story because they just might need to hear it. This story can offer hope and joy and faith in a great big God.

And so I will tell Samuel's story over and over and over again. Not because I can. Not because I love to. But because there are people who need to hear our story and who will be changed because of it.

Whether it's at the grocery store...or the shopping mall...or a birthday party...or at church...or a work event...or at a wedding. I'll tell the story. God will be glorified. Hearts will be touched.


Cathy said...

Beautiful, succinct, and exactly how I feel. To God be the glory!

allyouwhohope said...

This hit home for me (and made me tear up!). Sometimes I have wondered if I shouldn't share that my daughter's adopted as often as I do (and, like with you, it comes up a great deal now because of my pregnancy so closely after), but this post made me think.. why not? It's an amazing, miraculous story that touched so many people and could continue to do so if we let it!

I guess part of me wondered if it's betraying her future privacy somehow for me to share it, but now I'm wondering if that would only create a sense in her that there's something to hide or be ashamed of.. which is definitely not the case! Of course there are some details that I edit for her privacy, but the overall story is a beautiful and wonderful gift from God and I hope and pray she grows up feeling the same way.

Sorry I'm thinking out loud here, but you inspired it! Thank you!