Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Joy (Psalm 146)

This morning during worship we sang What Joy.

I needed to hear this song because I needed to be reminded of where my peace and joy come from. They do not come from a job. They do not come from an income. They do not come from having my circumstances in life be stable and secure. My joy and peace cannot and do not come from knowing what tomorrow holds.

My joy comes from having hope in the name of the Lord. My peace comes from having confidence in God and God alone.

And I need to be reminded of that. Over and over and over again.

It's been two full months since Ryan walked in the door and told me he lost his job. And there's nothing on the calendar this week that tells us things will soon be different.

That's why I need to be reminded of where my peace and joy come from.

As I was looking online for the lyrics to this song, I read a description that I couldn't agree with more. It said, "This song is so simple, yet so amazing." The words are powerful and filled with truth.

Here's the video. The lyrics are below.

What Joy (Psalm 146) Written by: Sarah Emerson
You made the heavens and the earth,
the sea and all that is in them
Your promises remain

You give justice to the weak,
You care for the widow and orphan
Forever Lord, You reign

What joy, what joy for those whose hope
is in the name of the Lord
What peace, what peace
for those whose confidence is Him alone

You make the blinded eye to see,
and cherish those who seek Your face
Your faithful love endures
You came to let the slave go free,
You cause the sinner to sing praise

In You we are secure


cybil said...

that's so right!!!
God will prvide at the eactly right time! and don't forget to enjoy your time together now as you have more than usual.
best from Geneva

heartincharge said...

Thanks for this. We have been experiencing an avalanche of financial challenges recently. but He has maintained my joy.

Atmospheric Changers said...

Praise the Lord ..... Beautiful Song

Unknown said...

What Joy indeed!!