Monday, August 2, 2010

My lil' fireman

Samuel has become quite attached to a fireman 'outfit' that he found at our neighbor's home. They let us take it home frequently so Samuel can play with it.

Samuel learned how to say the word fireman in about two seconds once he realized it communicated his strong desire to wear the red hat and coat. So he's been wearing them everywhere....85 degrees out and he wants his coat and hat on. His hair is literally soaking wet when I take the hat off. I even stashed it beside him in the highchair one day because he didn't want to part with it during lunch.

He didn't want to put the coat on for pictures this morning (of course!), but I snapped a few of him in the hat and carrying his 'uniform.' The last picture is my favorite...

Oh these precious days - they're going by too fast.

Oh my little fireman. I love you so.

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cybil said...

it' really a wonderful, incredibly cute age! my son is 26 months!