Sunday, August 29, 2010

Practical parenting

Today a young mom asked me about having two children. She is expecting her second baby and wanted my opinion about transitioning to two and what kind of double stroller she should get. She wanted MY advice. I was thinking to myself, "Have I become the go-to mom on raising two kids????" 

I certainly don't feel that I should be the go-to mom. I have a lot of questions about parenthood: What works. What doesn't. What could be improved on. What should we do about this...and that...and this....and that.

And I think that there are many of you out there who have answers.

From time to time I'd like to post a question and I'd love it if you would comment with how you do it in your family - either now or when you were growing up. That way we can all learn from one another.

What I love to do (with anything in life!) is gather all the ideas I hear and read about and then decide what is best for me and my family. I'm all about practical...and I need to know what works!

This morning was a typical Sunday morning in our house. Sundays are not the calm, smooth-sailing, relaxing mornings that they used to be. Mornings are filled with breakfast, getting everyone dressed, diaper bag packed, showers for mom and dad, and sometimes one of us volunteering to help set up at church. Lunch is usually left overs or sandwiches because it's quick and easy and we're all hungry by the time we get home from church.

It's crazy!

By the time we get home from church, eat lunch and get the kids to naptime....we're wiped.

I'd love to hear how things run in your house on Sundays. Are they the calm, relaxing sabbath that you read about? Or the crazy, chaotic Sunday mornings that I'm referring to? How do you get to church (on time)? And what do you do for lunch?

I'd love any practical parenting tips, advice, or suggestions. Most of all, I'd love to hear what works in your house with little ones on Sundays!


cybil said...
I just read lust week Danny Sik's book "Loving your kids on purpose" I think it's the most amazing book adn I highly recommend it!

Concerning Sundays: We have one son (yrs) and normally I pack the diaper bag on Saturday evening.
We do not have duties during morning service, our ministries normally don't take place on Sundays.
For lunch, we either go for lunch or brunch or we take a quiche from the bakery or do something easy at home.
In the afternoon, we often go for a walk and have a coffee when the little one is sleeping! :-)

Wishing you wonderful Sundays!

Breen said...

When I was a kid there were 4 kids and 2 adults getting ready for church on Sunday. Dad was part of the choir and usually gone by the time the rest of us were waking up. So one parent to make sure all 4 kids were ready to go.

To top it off all 4 kids only used 1 bathroom to get ready. So it was chaotic. Especially as we all got older.
What worked was 2 of us (the younger ones) took showers at night. After church we usually had sandwiches for lunch or something easy, every now and then we would go eat after church usually the "diner" or a buffet place.

Anonymous said...

We make sure to shower the night before. Also, give the twins (16 months, Jack & Sophia) a bath on Saturday. I like to have everything packed in the diaper bag, bottles, I'm not running around in the morning (as much) We bathe the older two (Aidan, 8 and Alison, 5)Sunday morning...we have a bit of time since mass is at 11am and Alison's Sunday school program is at the same time as well. Aidan goes to mass with us and the twins go to the nursery. Clothes are ALL picked out the night before, from top to bottom (socks & shoes too), it really does make a difference. Sometimes after a night of interrupted sleep, I just can't think to put outfits together, especially 5 of them! So, with an 11am mass time, we have plenty of time for breakfast, bath for two kids, and a peacful ride to well as more importantly a peaceful time with God. Afterwards, the twins are VERY hungry. We feed them leftovers and the kids usually have sandwiches or a snack if we had a big brunch before church (rare)!
I am a person that really stresses about time and getting things done perfectly and getting to places on time. So, your blog is wonderful for me in SO many ways! You are an amazing mother!! I come here for your insight and words of wisdom and hope you find some ideas to make Sundays more peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stacy,
This is such a great post and I love the ideas others have given. I too am finding Sundays stressful and we just have one little mello mama :).

Anyway, one thing I'm doing for work days is re-visiting my crockpot recipes. That might be a good way to do Sunday lunch/ brunch!


CRSte said...

Stacy I can't believe its already been nearly two years since you heard about Samuel! Holy cow time flies quickly!
Of course we only have the one little guy, but for Sunday mornings I always make sure we have everything ready for all three of us the night before. Bibles and diaper bag by the door, clothes laid out, sometimes even breakfast dishes set out. And, in a totally girly move, I usually make sure my hair is in a state that if I don't have time to shower I'll be ok. Oh, and often we'll set the alarm earlier than we'd really need, but promise ourselves an afternoon nap.
In PA we had several friends with lots of kids (4-5+) and they often talked about putting the littler of their kids to bed in their Sunday clothes, and having everything they needed to grab. They also offered me the wisdom of praying on Saturday night for Sunday morning, knowing that Satan definitely doesn't want our families to get to church and God can stop his interferences for us.
Can't wait to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Our sundays here at home is crazy too! the girls take their baths the night before. On sunday morning before the girls get up i take my shower, then if my husband hears the girls getting up he gets up and feeds them breakfast. Then i get ready while he is feeding them and i get their church cloths. By the time i come down the stairs the girls are ready to get dressed, then my husband takes his shower. I get the diaper bag ready while we wait for him to go. Church starts at 9am so we leave by 8:45 am. After we come home from church the baby needs to take her morning nap. That is why we go to the early service because the baby still takes a morning nap. While she naps i make lunch or sometimes we are going to my parents for a brunch.