Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Surviving parenthood

Some day I'll be old(er) and I'll forget what it was like parenting young children. 

So that's why I'm writing this post. Not for you. Not for them (well, maybe a bit for them). But for me. So I can be reminded of my days as a mom with young children...and give thanks to God that I survived those days.

Two weeks ago
I spent the afternoon/early evening at my in-laws. Ryan had a meeting for church so we played at grandma's house, took naps, ate dinner and then it was bath time. I brought the kids' PJs so I could have them ready for bed when we got home.

We were bathing them together when I noticed Lauren was about to eat something. Brown.


In. Her. Hand.

Heading towards her mouth.

We pulled both kids out of the tub quickly.

Barb drained the water and cleaned the tub while I washed Lauren off in the bathroom sink. This washing included a thorough scrubbing of her hands.

Meanwhile Samuel was standing in the middle of the bathroom. Naked.

All of the sudden I heard him say, "Pee." And he pees. And then proceeds to stomp in his urine in the middle of the bathroom floor.

Back in the tub he goes. 

I dress Lauren and go downstairs to bring bags out to the car while grandma has the kiddos. In the process of walking through the kitchen I knock over a glass with my diaper bag that was sitting on the counter and is filled with a frozen slush-like dessert drink.

Shattered glass. Everywhere.

This all happened within about 15 minutes. My in-laws were very thankful to see my car leave their driveway that night.

I was driving home tonight after sending my husband off to see a movie with some buddies. He never goes to a movie with friends and I encouraged him to do so. I knew it would be good for his spirit and weeknight movies are only $5 so I thought our checkbook could handle that.

I was (a bit smugly perhaps) thinking to myself how parenting two has gotten much easier and I am not nearly as worried/anxious/nervous/fearful/stressed about doing the bedtime routine alone, as I was 6 months ago when the kiddos were 5 and 16 months.

We walk in the door and I put both kids in the tub. Samuel has a bug and he's got quite the case of messy diapers. His bottom was so red he wanted out immediately and cried the entire time I washed his hair. I got him out quickly and wrapped him in a towel. I drained the water in the tub and then walked in the other room to put on his PJs. Lauren sat in an empty tub playing with toys. She is SUCH a content and happy baby :)

I decided to let Samuel run around with no diaper on because "they" say that air is the best healer for diaper rash.

As I'm about to pull Lauren out of the tub, Samuel 'toots' (in his words) and poop sprays onto the bathroom floor. I set him on the toilet and wipe off his bottom.

Then I quickly wipe up the poop off the floor and decide I'll have to disinfect it later.

I decide I better get Lauren out of the tub before she decides she is bored and wants to try standing or something equally as dangerous.

As I wrap Lauren in a towel the doorbell rings. I run to the door with baby in towel and naked-bottom Samuel tagging along behind.

I find myself talking to a woman at the door selling a packaged deal of some sort when I realize Samuel has not only peed on the floor in my entry way, but is also in the process of pooping - again. A lot of poop. Nasty diarrhea-that's-green-with-left-over-from-lunch-corn-filled poop.

What's a mom to do?

Two kids. No diaper on either.

Poop and urine on the floor.

I plop Lauren in front of the television that is 8 ft away because that seems like a good distraction from the attractive mess on the floor in the entry way. I sit her on her towel in case she decides now is a good time to expel any sort of liquid or solid from her bottom.

I grab Samuel as poop continues to drop from his bottom and run to his bedroom. I clean up his bottom and put on his diaper.

I grab Lauren and put on her diaper.

I wipe up poop. Wipe up urine. Lysol floors.

Both kids to bed.

These are the days of parenthood. They're not pretty. They're certainly not sexy. They're just about surviving and knowing that tomorrow's a new day.


Leah said...

Loved this post. It's definitely the reality. I have a 6 week old baby and my 7 month old adopted baby should be home in the next month, so I love reading your posts, although it scares me what I'm in for. Whew!

Stacey said...

Wow, Stacy. Just wow.

I know that sometimes you must feel like you are just "surviving," but I think it's amazing how you handle your life right now with these two little ones. All pee and poop aside (you wish, right?), I still think you're doing a great job! :)

Thanks for sharing your adventures in parenthood!

McCaffrey365 said...

Can NOT wait until Samuels graduation from High School or his wedding or when he becomes a daddy for the first time and you can pull this post out.

Courtney said...

I couldn't help but laugh and feel really sorry for you at the same time!! Thanks for sharing :)

Hope you are getting some much needed rest tonight!!

Amy Van Beck said...

Love it!

Kim said...

Holy Poop Batman!!!! I am sure it was far from fun, but you seem to handle it with grace...or with good sportsmanship. I wonder how soon before you let hubs go to the movies again without you?! ;) You're a great wife and mom!