Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What if God got fired?

I was driving home from VBS (Vacation Bible School) this morning with my 5-year-old neighbor in the backseat. I was asking him questions about the story we learned today. His take on the Biblical story of Peter denying Jesus three times was this: "God got fired."

Not sure how he came to that conclusion, but I found his statement quite interesting.

What if God got fired? What if I fired God?

Firing God doesn't seem to be real theologically sound....but what if?

What if humanity got so upset or annoyed or frustrated or sick of God that they decided to fire Him? What if we became so self-absorbed, prideful and greedy, that we decided we wanted to run our own lives?

What if we were no longer interested in the Big Guy above calling the shots, so we fired Him?
Or what if as individuals we had the option of firing God from our lives? We have freewill so I guess some could say that we already have that option. There are many who choose to say that God does not exist or that they want nothing to do with God. So, in a way...maybe people are indeed making the choice to fire God from their lives.

But I have lived long enough, and seen the mighty hand of God enough times that I can confidently say that I'm not getting on the bandwagon with those who want to fire God - whether that's all of humanity making a corporate decision to fire God or an individual choice of firing God from our life.

There were times in my life when I think I may have considered firing God. But that was when I was younger. And I thought I knew it all. Today I am totally and completely aware that left to my own, I know I would screw up my life and my relationships beyond repair.

My faults and weaknesses make it glaringly obvious that I need someone else to report to. Because I really am quite self-absorbed, prideful and greedy. And that's why I won't fire God. Ever.

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Anonymous said...

There is a movie called, God On Trial. It is set inside a concentration camp and the Jews, who are imprisoned are holding a mock trial...with God as the defendant. They are deciding if He is guilty for their plight...if so, He would no longer be God in their minds...He would be fired. Quite thought provoking.