Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adoption is all about miracles

There is a quotation that reads: Some people dream of angels, I hold one in my arms.

I would edit that quotation to read: Some people dream of miracles, I hold one in my arms.

That's what adoption is: a miracle. In so many ways. Little babies being knit together in the womb. Parents with empty arms longing to hold babies.

God brings babies to hopeful, waiting parents and creates beautiful families. He makes dreams come true. He brings miracles to life.

The same God who turned water into wine, fed thousands, walked on water, healed the blind, the lame and the sick, and calmed the storm, creates babies and places them in the arms of waiting parents. 

Just look at these pictures from the first couple days we held our miracle....

My empty arms were filled to overflowing in 24 hours. While my womb was still healing, and my physical and emotional scars still tender, God placed a baby boy in my arms. I didn't need to wait 9 months. I met him within hours of learning about him. That can only be attributed to God. That can only be a miracle.

I love Samuel as only a mother can. I know him deeply and love him completely. But when I look at Ryan, I see that he was meant to be Samuel's dad. Ryan loves him and plays with him and cares for him and makes him laugh in ways I can't. They make up crazy games for hours on end. Samuel often cries out, "My dadeeeee." No one is of greater importance in Samuel's life than his dad. And that can only be a miracle.

I believe God uses adoption to perform miracle after miracle. I believe adoption is God's perfect plan. It is not plan B or C or D. Adoption is God's plan and His plans are always perfect.

Thank you Jesus for entrusting us with a miracle.


cybil said...

just wonderful!!!

Karissa Binder said...

Look at how small that little boy was. Seems like an eternity ago not just two years. He's certainly a miracle!!

WoRds/WoNDer said...

amen. and amen.