Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Be ready

I got to thinking yesterday about the day we got the call about Samuel. I recalled the moment I told Ryan and the look I gave him. He looked back at me (as I was crying trying to explain what our friend on the phone was telling us) and I knew. 

He didn't have to say a word. I just knew.

I still asked him, of course. "Can we? Can we go and meet this birth mom and her baby boy?"

But I already knew what the answer was.

I'm so very grateful that Ryan and I were in a place in our marriage where we could go, when God said go.

Really, it was more like, "GO!!!!!!!!!!"

As I think about relationships and families and marriages and individuals and how we're living our lives today, I wonder what are the things holding us back from going when God says GO!!!!!!!!!!

Are we living paycheck to paycheck barely making it each month? Are we chained to our creditors because we are heavily in debt? Are we locked into a dead-end job that we dislike and leaves us feeling dissatisfied? Are we staying in a relationship that is unhealthy?Are we too committed, too booked, too planned?

Nearly two years ago Ryan and I were living our lives in such a way that when God said GO, we could go. There was nothing holding us back from saying "YES!!" to adopting a baby in just a matter of hours.

Not a job. Not finances. Not health concerns. Not marriage issues. Not commitments. Nothing.

Obviously there are things that happen that are out of our control. But many of us have self-imposed restraints on that keep us tied to where we are. We might take small steps forward. But what if God wants you to take a giant leap forward? Are you ready? Are you willing? Are you able?

A single friend who I was in a Bible study with a few years back took a leap of faith and moved to Texas. Today is she engaged to be married. My friend was ready when God called her to move across the country. She was obedient to His calling, even though she was nervous. She let nothing hold her back. Did she knew she would find the man of her dreams? Absolutely not. But she answered YES when she got her call.

I'm grateful Ryan and I were ready. I wonder if God called us to something extraordinary today, are we still ready? Are our hearts spiritually ready? Are our minds emotionally healthy and ready? Are our finances ready? Is our marriage ready? Is our family ready, willing and able?

Oh, be ready friends. Ask God today what He might have waiting for you. And then be ready when He says GO!!!!!!!


kim said...

EXCELLENT post! I couldn't agree more. We must live our lives in order that when God says "GO!", we can be obedient. When he says, "give" or "go" or "stay" or "change" or "run" we can do each thing He asks. What else is there that we should be preparing for in our lives, if not the requests of the King?

Traveller said...

Great post. And...just want to let you know ... I'm enjoying your blog. You don't know me...I don't know you, but I found your blog when I was looking for the lyrics to the Getty's "Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer" about 6 months ago. I've enjoyed reading your story, seeing your faith, and just the way you are REAL through it all. You are real and He is faithful!

Kim said...

Thank you for this post today. It inspired and touched me. I love your testements of faith and and of Him. They give me hope at times when it's hard to muster it up. You challenged me to really think about the call and if I am even see or hear it when it happens. Thank you.

cybil said...

beautiful post!!