Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Everything to me

I have posted these videos before, but I feel the need to post them again. The first is a video of the song Everything To Me by Mark Schultz. It was written about his birth mom in gratitude for the gift of life that she gave him.

The second video is Mark talking about making the video and realizing how his birth mom chose life. It's beautiful.

The Everything To Me video is powerful and I love watching it. And when the video shows the couple walking through the hospital doors, I burst into tears. 

Because that was us.

We were that hopeful couple walking into the hospital one fall Saturday morning. We had no idea what to expect or who we would meet or what would happen.

But we were given a gift. A gift of life. And walking through those hospital doors changed my life.


Traveller said... I just BAWLED through those! Guess I'm still dealing with deep grief over where I live--all those who don't go this way (abortion definitely being the easier and most convenient up for adoption not even a consideration), trying to figure out what to do about it, and seeing what we are doing as SO limited--one small sandbag against the floodwaters.

Thanks for posting!

kim said...

what an absolutely amazing song and story.