Friday, September 17, 2010


This morning I could no longer sleep, and decided to pull out my journal from my first miscarriage and the following years of waiting. I was reading through it (trying to find some nuggets of truth and wisdom to carry me through this time of waiting) and came across a powerful quote.

It was taken from a book called Tender Fingerprints about a couple who grieved the loss of their baby:
"Gratitude, not remorse, should come to be the defining sentiment of your life. I know that is easier said than done, and you must not try to suppress your feelings of sorrow and grief, but as God's child and someone who has been the undeserved recipient of his grace, gratitude, whatever your circumstance, is warranted."

When I read this book I was dealing with feelings of sorrow and grief. But today as I read it I am struggling with waiting and trusting and believing.

So the last sentence spoke volumes to me:
"...gratitude, whatever your circumstance, is warranted."

What is the defining sentiment of my life?

Faith? Doubt? Belief? Joy? Gratitude?

I would venture to say that people who have hearts of gratitude deal with trials in life very differently than those who do not have hearts of gratitude.

defining. sentiment. of. my. life

g  r  a  t  i  t  u  d  e

undeserved. recipient. of. his. grace.

g  r  a  t  i  t  u  d  e

whatever. my. circumstance.

g  r  a  t  i  t  u  d  e

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I agree. Those who approach life from the point of view of gratitude do have a different experience than those who do not.