Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's because of one

This morning at church I chatted with a woman I haven't seen in a long time - probably for about two years. Her daughter is expecting next month after numerous miscarriages. Of course, upon hearing that, we launched into a lengthy conversation about the difficulties of losing babies, how devastating that is and yet how God can redeem that and use it for His glory.

In our conversation I said, "If we hadn't miscarried we wouldn't have Samuel."

We. Wouldn't. Have. Samuel.

Thinking that statement, much less saying it, is like ripping out part of my heart. I can't fathom how our lives would be different without that little man. We are crazy about that kid.

I think about how hard my miscarriages were and then how much joy we experienced when Samuel was born and given to us through the gift of adoption.

Because of the miscarriages, and waiting on the Lord and not knowing if our future held biological children, we jumped when we got the call about Samuel. It's because of one that we got the other.

Sunday marks two years since Samuel was born. Ryan and I can't help but remember our wild, crazy ride two years ago. We are celebrating the amazing gift that adoption is. I can't celebrate Samuel without celebrating adoption. It's because of one that we get to celebrate the other.

And this week I also think of Samantha and Jill. Samuel's birth mom and grandma. My heart hurts for them as this week surely is one of remembrance for them as well. I can't think of Samuel without thinking of them. It's because of one that we get to love the other.

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