Saturday, September 4, 2010

Practical Parenting in the works!

Thanks to everyone who left comments/suggestions on my Practical Parenting post for how to make Sunday mornings (and Sunday lunches) run as smooth as possible with little ones at home. 

It's 9 p.m. on Saturday night and I've followed many suggestions:
Diaper bag is packed and ready to go
Bottles filled with water and sitting on counter
Kids' clothes laid out
My clothes laid out
Breakfast dishes for kids on counter
Post-it note in kitchen with breakfast and lunch food listed so Ryan and I both know what the food options are

The only two things that I should do now - but just don't have the energy - are cut up a cantaloupe for breakfast and wash sippy cups so they are ready for church. But with everything else I've already done to prep for the morning, I think I can manage those two things.

Of all the suggestions, my favorite is from my friend Chanda who prays Saturday night for Sunday mornings. She is SO right in that I believe there is a spiritual battle going on in homes all over the world to cause division, distraction and disagreement on Sunday mornings. I prayed over Samuel when I put him to bed and I will pray again before I go to sleep. I also agree with the reader who commented about a peaceful ride to church and peaceful time with God at church. Last Sunday after the craziness I was completely distracted at church and could not focus. So I'm praying for peace in our household tomorrow.

I am excited to see how the morning goes! And I'm quickly thinking of many Practical Parenting questions to ask my wise and experienced readers!

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