Monday, September 20, 2010

To the moon and back

Tonight Samuel and I sat on our screened in porch looking at the moon.

It was a 70-degree warm, fall evening. And the moon was big, beautiful and very bright.

It was a precious moment between mother and son.

As I looked at the moon, I couldn't help but think of one of our books titled: Guess How Much I Love You.

In this sweet book, Little Nutbrown Hare is playing a game in which he tries to out due his father in expressing his love for him. The book concludes with Little Nutbrown Hare telling his father he loves him to the moon. And Big Nutbrown Hare responds to his sleeping son, that he also loves him to the moon....and back.

Neither of my children are currently intrigued by this book, but I hope they will enjoy listening to it one day because I plan to read it to them.

Looking at the the moon tonight, thinking about how many thousands of miles away it is, and treasuring the amazing feeling of loving the little boy in my arms all way to the moon...and back.

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Ann said...

I love that book too! I think you'd really like "Mamma, Do You Love Me?" by Barbara Joosse as well.