Saturday, September 25, 2010

You know

You know you're a mom of small children when...

You realize you haven't put on deodorant for three days because you don't know where your husband put your deodorant after your son was recently caught licking it.

You've gone through four cell phones in ONE summer....sometimes due to your carelessness and sometimes due to your childrens' curiosity.

Your lunch consists of three grapes from your son's plate, 1/2 a piece of your daughter's toast, two bites of string cheese, what was left in the jar of applesauce and the three pita chips dipped in hummus that you crammed in your mouth while standing at the kitchen counter.

You find yourself saying, "I'm going to the bathroom. Alone."

You cut all food into small pieces. Your kids' food. Your food. Your husband's food.

Upon waking in the morning, the first thing running through your mind is "Head shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes."

Your life is run by the clock. Wake time. Nap time. Meal time. Play time. Bath time. Bed time.

"Moo, chugga chugga choo choo, and Elmo's world," are part of your daily vocabulary.

You can make up games to entertain or distract - anytime, anywhere, without using anything.

You lay your head on your pillow at night and think, "Blessed. Physically and mentally exhausted. Yet so very blessed."

**New addition: You know you're a mom of small children're checking to see if your daughter's formula is recalled because of bug parts. Fun.


Theresa said...

I was reading this post and started thinking about everything your family is going through, and wanted you to know that you're not alone in your situation and your fears. I really hope this comes off as inspirational, as that is the spirit in which I intend it. Last year we lost our business and our house and ended up living out of a camper for about six months. In time and, as a team, we got our feet back under us, and my husband was able to reinvent himself in a new business. I did as much freelance work as possible (and, as I'm sure you know, freelancing in a down economy is hard enough, let alone working from home with small children clamoring about). We made it work, and while it was hard, we didn't suffer, because we kept our family before money, and knew that between hard work, love and prayer, we'd be OK. As a mom, especially a SAHM (technically WAHM but some people can still be judgmental about weather "freelance" is real work), I was occasionally struck with guilt over not dropping everything and just getting a "real" job to provide for my family. But now, a year later, we're in a safe home, we have food on the table, we still get some assistance with medical bills, but we are very conservative with our spending and are working our way to complete financial autonomy again. And my daughter is one of the kindest, smartest two and a half year olds I've ever met. I'm not just bragging, either - she shows the signs of a child who has had the kind of attention only a mother can give. She wouldn't be who she is if I had put money before her. She is an amazing gift, and any time I feel the guilt of "I'm a drain on society because I'm not working as hard as I humanly can" I realize my bone-weariness at the end of the day as I gaze upon her serene, sleeping face means I AM doing the hardest work I possibly could. And society will be a better place because of the sacrifices I'm making today. So, thank you for sacrificing and loving your children so much. It will all be ok, as scary as it seems right now, because the world will be a better place when your children take the reigns.

Stacy said...

Thank you for your words and honesty Theresa. From one mom to another, I really appreciate hearing about your experience and am grateful for your encouragement.

Kelli said...

This makes me smile :)

Courtney said...

Love this :). I catch myself cutting up our food into tiny pieces too sometimes!