Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gratitude Journal

Years ago when I was part of a Homemakers group, we developed the habit of writing in a gratitude journal. It wasn't something I have continued through the years, but I'm picking it up again.

There are SO MANY ways we've been blessed during this season of unemployment. We are continually surprised, amazed and so grateful at how God shows us that He will provide for our every need - whether that's through a financial gift, an act of service or a note of encouragement to lift our spirits.

I DO NOT want to forget a single act of kindness shown to us as we walk this road.

So I have a gratitude journal on my nightstand. And I plan to write ways that people have loved us, served us, and cared for us.

Scripture tells us to remember. My gratitude journal will help me do exactly that.

I wrote a post last month about choosing to be grateful. I cannot look at my list of blessings and not be grateful.

God I am so grateful for the many ways you show yourself through my friends and family. You love us deeply, greatly, sweetly, gently, hugely, profoundly, surprisingly and tremendously. All the glory goes to you Jesus. All the glory.


Niki said...

This is a good idea, a gratitude journal that is.
Currently in the waiting game though what I'm waiting on differs from what your waiting on, i'm finding it incredibly frustrating. Some days I'm just so angry. Angry at those I see with the very thing I want whilst I'm without and angry at God for making me wait and for giving to others (the thing I want) whilst I'm without. Of course this brings in all kinds of thoughts e.g, has God forgotton about me or is He simply punishing me for something or ignoring me.
At times I'm so focused on this thing that I want that its hard to remember the great things God has done in my life. A journal seems like a good way of remembering.

Heres a link I came across on waiting. I hope it'll be of use to you:

cybil said...

it's a great idea of you to think of thinks you can be thankful to God AND to people around you!!

Rachel said...

Wait a minute! When you "were" part of a homemakers group? Does this mean the other blog that you write for is no longer? sadness.