Thursday, October 21, 2010

High Chair Devotions

Recently I began having devotions with Samuel and Lauren after breakfast each morning. This is something I believe is important, so I'm starting while the kids are young.

I've read a few different articles about family devotions including this one.

My initial goals were to:
1). Just start doing them
2). Keep them short
3). Make sure they were age-appropriate

My mom informed me today that when I was little we used to read the Bible together after dinner. Initially I was thinking that we would have devotions after dinner or before bed each night so that Ryan could be involved. But the truth is...we're just too tired. I don't have the energy in this season of life to try to keep the kids focused and listening for any length of time. Plus, if we are gone for dinner or out during the evening then devotions are unlikely to happen.

In the future, we might try devotions after dinner or as part of the bedtime routine, but for now I have the most energy for breakfast devotions (note: I did not write I am a morning person, just that I have more energy). By doing this together in the morning, we can be mindful throughout our day of what we read.

We're using a Devotional Bible for Preschoolers that I think we received as a gift. We read one short entry each morning after breakfast. The kids are finished eating and are still in their high chairs. Each reading includes a verse for the day and a short prayer. I include the prayer but also pray for things like our activities that day or for continued patience for mom or listening and obedience for Samuel or kindness between siblings.

I have no expectations for this time. 

Let me repeat: I have no expectations.

Sometimes both kids are talking. Sometimes one is crying. Samuel often times wants to get down because he's "aw done."

But we're plugging away. Doing a little each day to help all of us focus our hearts and minds upward. Usually when I start reading and point out the picture, I can get the attention of both my kiddos for a few minutes.

And really, at this age it's about developing a habit that will hopefully carry into adulthood. I've always struggled with consistency in my time with the Lord and maybe, just maybe, I can help my children develop that habit at a young age.

We have children's Bibles that we read on a regular basis, but I love the topics that are presented in the devotional Bible, along with a verse and prayer. Three years from now my kids might need something with more 'meat,' but for now it's perfect.

And what better way to start our day than with a little spiritual food for breakfast?


RKW said...
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RKW said...

I admire your spiritual mothering so much. God has blessed you with a patient heart, loving nature and beautiful children and your blog posts are inspiring women everywhere. I pray God continues to bless you and your family!