Friday, October 1, 2010

Our very own Curious George

I have a very curious little boy. Adventuresome, brave and curious. He is full of energy and likes to explore. Let me take you on a journey of the past year with our little guy....

Eating cat food

Emptying out the contents of his formula container from the diaper bag

Distracted from reading books by the excitement of dumping out a container of Q-tips 



Climbing onto a chair in the kitchen, getting a bag of potatoes and opening them all over the floor

Eating chips found in a Tupperware container in the pantry

Pulling stuffing out of couch cushion (not sure how he even got the zipper open!)

Climbing onto the shelves in our porch

Sitting on the kitchen floor eating the leftovers that were on a plate that he pulled off the counter

Building a 'tower' with mayo, chicken broth, cup cake liners and mac-n-cheese

Sitting on top of his changing table pulling out wipes. Guess this means he can climb on top of his changing table now.

One of my all-time favorite pictures - Samuel eating a chocolate chip cookie at about 6:30 in the morning. He pulled it off the kitchen counter where I had left it (wrapped in paper towel) the night before. His only words: "Nummy!"

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Courtney said...

Love it :)!!! Such a boy! I already have a lot of pics like that of Henry, and I'm sure by next year that I will have a collection like you. Some of the pics surprised me like him climbing on top of the changing I guess Henry will be able to climb like that before we know it!