Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Parenting is hard

Yes, this week I decided that parenting is hard. 

Or maybe that's what was confirmed this week. 

Because I knew parenting was hard. I was just reminded this week, that it's still hard. Even without a newborn in my house anymore.

Because parenting is definitely harder with a newborn!

Lauren and Samuel have colds. Lauren has been up three nights in a row. I took her to the doc today and she has an ear infection. So that explains the late nights and little sleep. Cold season has begun again (already?!) and it is tough with little ones. Runny noses, congestion, ear pain...

Three nights of little sleep has taken its toll on mom and I now have a cold.

So what am I doing up late at night when I should be catching up on all the sleep I've missed this week?

I'm catching up on all the other stuff in my life that I don't get done while caring for the little people in my life.

As a mom, you just have to push through the lack of sleep.

As a mom, you deal with the sore throat and cold symptoms. 

As a mom, you get outta bed, face the day and smile for your kiddos.

As a mom, you have the privilege of caring for little ones all day every day.

As a mom, that is what is so wonderful and so hard all at the same time.

It's not a big revelation, but it's true. And I just needed to remind myself of that this week.

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Ann said...

You are so right.... parenting is hard. Period. I've begun to realize that the reason it is so hard is because it forces us to live the life that Christ calls us to. It's about putting others ahead of ourselves, loving unconditionally, giving more than we ever thought we could give, and stretching more than we thought we could stretch. I feel like in all the roles that I play in life, parenting is where I imitate the life the Christ most beautifully. But that is what makes it so hard!