Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 days of gratitude

This month, in addition to my gratitude journal where I am writing down ways we are blessed during this season of unemployment, I have decided to do a November scrapbook album. I am taking one picture a day (or sometimes many pictures a day because my kids are too cute!) to chronicle our life as a family of four with a one and two-year-old.

A couple years ago I did this during the month of March when Ryan and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. I took pictures every day during the month and called the album our "7 year itch" album. I love it because it shows who we hung out with, what we did in our free time, where we worked, and what life was like before having kids. I highly encourage you to do this if you haven't!

I haven't done this since children entered our family, so I decided this would be the month. I'm trying to write down a couple things we do each day and take at least one picture a day. I also decided since it is the month of Thanksgiving, that as a family, we would come up with one thing we are thankful for each day and I will include that in the album. This will truly help us to have an attitude of gratitude. 

While I think that my kids will love to look at this album someday and see what our everyday life was like when they were little, I also think this will help me to stay focused on the small joys in life and the many ways I am blessed.
We are seven days in, but if anyone wants to join me in doing 30 days of gratitude I would love it. Here are some ideas:
  • Take a picture every day of things you are thankful for
  • Write down one thing daily you are thankful for
  • Find a book that helps you focus on living a life of gratitude (here's a book on kids and gratitude)
  • Meditate daily on a verse that reminds you to give thanks (such as Colossians 3:15 "Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.")
Here's to 30 days (or even 23 days if you start today!) of gratitude.....
P.S. Will someone please ask me in February if I actually completed my album? I am really good at starting projects and not finishing them...!


CRSte said...

Hey Stacy!
Such a good idea! Just this morning I was thinking I was going to try to get my hands on the book "30 Days of Praise." Mary L. had recommended it years ago, have you read it, or heard of it?
I hope you're planning to share some of your daily entries here on your blog!

schumt said...

One of my friends is doing 21 days of thanksgiving and posting what she is thankful for daily on Facebook. It's inspiring and uplifting to read every day!

I personally am thankful that I get to be in MN for the week of Thanksgiving! I miss it!


kristi said...

Hi Stacy. I am an avid reader and look to you for strength in my own life. Please send me a message at so I can correspond directly with you.

kim said...

I absolutely love this idea! I love the finite-ness of it. It has a start and an end. I may just have to use this idea for myself. Thanks!