Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Childhood chores

I came across this article not too long ago, and it got me thinking about chores. The article makes a connection between household chores and marriage, empathy and volunteering. Children who do childhood chores are more likely to volunteer or do community work as an adult. And children who have regular chores just might find themselves in a happier marriage.

Is that a stretch? I don't know but it has given me something to ponder.

Love and Logic Parenting teaches that children should have chores beginning at age 3. Chores such as feeding family pets, helping set the table, etc. These chores should not be paid.
I believe that chores can be a teaching tool to learn responsibility, learn about meeting expectations and preparing for life as an adult.

Currently, at the age of 2, Samuel does not have any assigned chores at home. But it might be good for us to start getting into the routine of some small daily chores that I can help him with (beyond picking up and putting away toys). He is still in a crib so he doesn't have a bed to make.

What are your thoughts and experiences on chores? As a parent, teacher, grandparent, or someone who had chores when you grew up....I'd love to hear from you!


Leslie Broussard said...

I had ONE chore - cleaning the cat boxes - when growing up. And truthfully, to this day, it is the ONE thing I REFUSE to do in my house. I don't think my experience will help you in deciding Samuel's future, but there might be a lesson in there somewhere :)

My stepson is almost six and does not have any daily chores. Mostly that is because of the fact that he lives in two different households throughout the week so establishing a routine as such is a little difficult. I think that if we were going to assign him a chore, the routine part of it is important so that it doesn't feel like a chore...

Good luck!

Breen said...

We did chores as a children. My step-mom paired us with one of her older children. So from the age of 3 I helped with our laundry, dishes, vaccuuming, dusting, etc.

When my step-sisters moved out my brother and I handled all the chores. We even ironed my parents shirts for .25 a piece.

To this day I don't do dishes and my husband does most of the laundry.

We have discussed what chores our children will have. We have decided they will have a few chores, however their education will come first. There were many times my step-mom would get us from doing our homework to complete our chores.

So I have mixed views.

Aaron and Angie said...

I did chores as a kiddo too... and I'm glad I did. I will have my girls do chores too. We switched chores every so often so there's not one thing that as an adult I hate the most (related to doing it as a kid). I remember dusting, vacumming, folding laundry, making my bed, etc... but I only had one "family" chore like dusting at a time. Our self chores were things like making our beds, picking up after ourselves, etc. Now, I did get an allowance but it was not directly tied to chores. My parents considered it to be my income for being a part of the family. My "job" was to do well in school, be nice to others, do my chores, etc. It was an expectation and for me, I liked that it instilled a healthy work balance for me. Good luck!!

Sew said...

I was the oldest of 6. I had a ton of chores. :) Laundry, babysitting, mopping, cleaning, cooking, putting groceries away, etc...etc....etc...

Yup, I believe in chores from birth! hahahaha JUST KIDDING!

I think chores are a great idea...We are already talking about how we need the lawn done, I'm dreaming of the day I have help with dishes and putting away laundry....Oh my poor babies are gonna work for their place in this family...hahahaha

I'm not so sure where I stand on an allowance at this point...I'm kind of swaying against it...But not sure..Will cross that bridge when I get there....

Theresa said...

Morgan doesn't "have" chores - she "gets" chores - she LOVES to help! She feeds the pets - gives the food to the fish and takes the scoop from me to fill the dog's dishes. She also helps me vacuum by pressing the arm release pedal and flipping the power switch. I let her help in the kitchen with unloading the dishwasher after I've removed all the dangerous stuff. She loves it! I don't know how I'd get anything done if I -didn't- let her help :)