Thursday, December 9, 2010

Prayer IS the work

One of the commenters in a previous post asked what she could be praying about for me. Considering her struggles this Christmas season, my heart was overwhelmed with the kindness of offering prayer for me in the midst of what she is facing.

We could definitely use a little prayer in the May household these days, so I'm going to respond to her question.

Things on the unemployment side have hit an all-time low this week. It's hard to describe, but my ever-positive husband is struggling more than I have seen him struggle up to this point. We are nearing the six-month mark of unemployment. That is half of a year of not having a job. Half a year of not being employed. Half of a year of not going to an office or having co-workers or feeling like he is a contributing member of society. Half a year of watching his friends and family members go to a job every day, while he sits in a coffee shop and searches online, networks with people and tries to make new contacts.

That is half a year of filling out online applications that can easily take 30 to 90 minutes for one application. Over and over and over again. He is really tired of filling out applications. He is really tired of looking and hoping and wondering.

If you follow the news, you know that Obama is trying to extend the Bush tax cuts which include an unemployment extension. We could really use that extension otherwise our unemployment will come to an end.

Friends, we could use prayer. Here are specific things you could pray for our family:

Of course, we covet prayer that God would lead Ryan to a job that will be a great fit for his skills and passions.

But in the wait, prayer is needed for:
  • Ryan's spirits to be lifted.
  • Determination to keep doing the daily mundane tasks of applying for jobs.
  • That truth would reign in Ryan's mind every day.
  • That I would know how to love and support my husband during this season.
  • That people would come around Ryan to encourage and affirm him. That he would find validation is other ways during this season of not working.
  • That God would remind Ryan in big or small ways, that He is still in control of this job search.
Recently I listened to an online sermon called Prayer is the Work. This quote challenged me and I haven't stopped thinking about it:

We don't pray before we work, prayer is the work. Then and only then, God works.

How does God work in the world? Through the prayers of his people.
How important is prayer? It is above everything else we do.
How should we pray? Urgently, desperately, passionately and expectantly.

Pastor Vance encouraged us to pray with gratefulness for what God has done and to pray with faith thanking God for what He is going to do.

Together let's remember that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5). We cannot underestimate the power of our prayers. I am praying for you friends, and I would greatly appreciate your prayers for my family as well.


Joelle said...

We are praying, Stacy. Fervently, consistently and with great faith. We are going to do the work of prayer on your behalf. Love you.

Jeri said...

Diddo to Joelle's comment. We are lifting you and Ryan up. When your arms get tired, let us hold them up for you! Thank you for your honesty and faithfulness dear friend.

meg said...

Diddo to Joelle's and Jeri's comment. I just came across a "prayer for Scott's work" that you had given to me when we first were married, and I am so thankful you had given it to me, and NOW I am agreeing in prayer for "ryan's work". Not only the tangible work but the WORK God is doing in you and Ryan once again as you wait. we love you.

heartincharge said...

I thought you were just going to ask for prayer that Ryan to find a job but you went so much deeper than that, as is typical of you. I emailed your list to myself.
Thanks for the link to the sermon.