Friday, December 17, 2010


So many thoughts and feelings on my heart here goes a little randomness:

Leaving the kids at our chiropractic office. They have a Christmas party for the kids every year. They watch the kids for a couple hours - for free! - while parents go do whatever it is they want to do while being kid-free.

Enjoying dinner with our good friends J&M. Talking about life, family, work, kids, parenting, our futures. Eating pizza (which I actually cut into small pieces on my plate before I realized what I was doing) and having full conversations without being interrupted.

Learning that M's friend (whom I know) was being taken into surgery this evening because she is 6 weeks pregnant and has an ectopic pregnancy. Nine days before Christmas she discovered the little life growing inside her cannot survive. Heartbreak.

Hearing my son sing to Jesus Loves Me in the car tonight almost melted my heart. So many children don't know that Jesus loves them. Samuel knows.

Feeling incredibly grateful for our house, a super-efficient furnace on a night when the thermostat says 12, milk for my daughter's bottle, fleece PJs for my kids, books to read before bedtime, food in their tummies, beds to sleep in, medicine and doctors when our little ones are sick, and insurance to pay our health care bills.

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