Monday, December 20, 2010

Simple says

I've had a few people ask me if this week is a busy one for our family.

My answer? No.

Ryan and I are both trying to get some work (or searching for work) done and I'm striving to get my Christmas cards in the mail. I love Christmas cards and that's just not something I was willing to pass up this year. 

We don't have lots of parties or commitments or to-do things to get done. I should wrap a couple presents and run a few errands. And I have a few more Christmas cookies I would like to bake.

If I get these things done, great.

If not, oh well.

That's what is so freeing about a simple Christmas.

Simple allows us to make plans with family members at 4 p.m. for a fun night out.

Simple encourages us to take a 2-hour nap on a Saturday afternoon.

Simple dictates that we say, "no" even when the opportunity is good, fun or appealing.

Simple reminds us to turn away from the television or newspaper ads, and turn our eyes toward the nativity scene.

Simple can't help but see the joy in little faces as they discover the wonders of Christmas.

Simple recognizes the way God is answering prayers and records them in our Family Prayer Basket.

Simple says, "Come, read Luke 2 one more time. It's an unbelievable story about the miracle of a baby."

Simple might want to do it all, be it all, record it all, remember it all, and buy it all. But simple can't and neither can I.

Oh how I love simple.

1 comment:

cybil said...

sounds very nice and relaxed!
I relate to your love for writing Christmas cards! I wrote now over 70! love it!! :-))
otherwise our family also looks forward to a relaxed Christmas time!
Merry Christmas from Geneva/Switzerland and thank you for your blog! Love reading it!