Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Stirring in Our Hearts

I discovered the following nuggets of wisdom by a pastor who was recently called to leave a church he helped start, to participate in a new ministry.

He presents three truths that he encourages readers to remember in times of uncertainty. I know that when I'm in a season of change, chaos, discontentment, or uncertainty, it can definitely be a struggle to see that season as an opportunity to seek God and listen to His voice. 

But that is exactly what we should do.

Every. Single. Day.

Oh Lord, stir our hearts for whatever it is that you have in store for our future and may these three truths be what guides us all in times of uncertainty.

The Stirring in Our Hearts
At various points in our life we will all find ourselves asking the question, “What is this stirring or unsettledness in my heart?” The word stir is defined as “beginning to move slightly, agitation, a means of adding to…” Often when God is preparing us for something different or new, he begins with a gentle “stirring” in our hearts. It may mean that things in our life are getting ready to change.

My family and I have been in a season of stirring for several months now. We’ve wrestled with the questions, “what does this unsettledness mean and what are You doing Lord?” There were days and weeks when the answer seemed to be only silence and more questions. But the stirring continued.

Finally after months of waiting, listening, praying and seeking the counsel of others, it is evident that this stirring was God’s way of preparing us for a change. After 10 years of ministry with Hope, God is preparing us for a new Kingdom assignment. This clarity from the Lord came only after months of unsettledness in our hearts that kept us on our face and listening intently for His voice. When you find yourself in a season of stirring and uncertainty, and you will, it is helpful to remember a few truths:

1. His voice is all that matters.
…man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by everything that proceeds out of the mouth of the LORD. Deuteronomy 8:3
There is always a sea of voices surrounding us with their best plans for our lives. But ultimately, the only voice that matters is the voice of your Heavenly Father. Seek His voice.

2. We are able to recognize His voice as an overflow of intimacy.
God’s voice and leading become clear when spending time with Him is a regular part of our lives. Times of uncertainty and change are not times to begin seeking Him, but times to enjoy the fruit of sitting at His feet on a regular basis.

3. He desires us to know Him more than know His will.
In times of uncertainty, we find ourselves wanting answers. But God is looking for so much more. He wants you. He desires your attention and affection. He is focused on the relationship more than the next step.

We will all experience times of stirring in our lives. God does not merely want to give you answers; He desires to reveal Himself to you. Welcome each of these times as opportunities to grow in your love relationship with Jesus and see the “stirring” as an invitation to seek Him and listen to His voice.

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