Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dear 2011

It seems I'm on a letter-writing kick. Here goes another one.....

Dear 2011,
Hello New Year. It's nice to meet you. 

I'm not quite sure how I feel about you. I'm thankful that 2010 is over. In some ways it was a very challenging year for our family. In other ways, we were immensely blessed and overwhelmed with God's goodness.

However, I'm still processing how I feel about closing the door on 2010 and opening up the 365-day gift that 2011 has to offer. A family member posted this as her FB status and I think it sums up how I feel: "2011...a year of much uncertainty and mystery...scary...but also excited for the possibilities!"

In the past, sa
ying hello to a new year would bring me to tears as I dealt with deep sadness and the longing of unfulfilled dreams. Other times a new year was welcomed with anticipation and joy.

This year saying hello to you, 2011, is both hopeful and hard. It is hard because we are beginning the 8th month of unemployment in our house. I could not have imagined last May that my husband would greet 2011 the same way he greeted the summer - without a job.

As we flip the pages of the calendar not only to another month, but to another year, we hold our anticipation...hopeful...yet fearful. We hope for change. We hope for miracles. We hope for the best. We hope our prayers will be answered soon.

2011 you have a lot to live up to. There are many people waiting for prayers to be answered, dreams to come true and hopes to be fulfilled.

You can do it 2011. I know you can. 365 days offers a lot of hope, promise and possibility. I stand confident that I will see prayers answered and dreams come true...both in the lives of friends and family members, and in the lives of those whose journeys I follow via the blog world.

Let's keep in touch 2011.

2 days down. 363 to go.


JellyBelly said...

2011 has to be a better year, it just has to be.

cybil said...

I wish you that God will exceed your expectations in the new year!!!
Blessings to all 4 of you,
Sibylle (from Geneva/Switzerland)