Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the May household....

I don't journal and it's something I wish I was better at for the kids. This blog is as close as I come to this post is more for me, than anyone else, but here's a glimpse into what's happening around the May household these days:

We dance nearly every day. We sing multiple times a day. Lauren's favorite songs to sing: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider and the Wheels on the Bus. Samuel's favorite songs to sing: My God is So Big, How Great is Our God and Peace Like a River. Mom's favorite dancing song: Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown Band.

Samuel stands up in his high chair and - unprompted - Lauren says, "Sit down."

Samuel climbs into his own high chair and into his crib many times a day. He and Lauren love jumping in his crib together. God created Samuel to jump - beds, couches, cribs...the kid will literally jump for 5 minutes straight to the beat of his own drum.

I taught Lauren how to sign dance (which we also taught Samuel) and she got the sign in one day. So fun! She signs please, more, thank you, eat and help as well. Within minutes of getting up each morning she says and signs eat.

Lauren weighs 23 lbs and Samuel weighs 29. Lauren is 32 inches and Samuel is 36 inches. They are getting closer and closer in size. Lauren wears 18 month clothes and Samuel 18-24 and 2T. I wonder if they'll look like twins come summer/fall?

When I corrected Samuel for saying 'dangit' he reminded me that I say it. I said, "You're right, I do. But you shouldn't say it and neither should mommy." Samuel's response: "You say crap."

The cat (Jersey) walked into the room the other day and Lauren said, "Hi Jers." Then she walked to the pantry and pointed to the craft bag and said, "Color." Her vocabulary is astounding at just 16 months! Then she proceeded to eat the crayons while coloring...

Both kids love being in the bathtub and will spend 30 minutes in there together if we let them. They are intrigued by lotion, chapstick and all things in a tube or bottle.

Samuel eats just about everything, Lauren eats hardly anything. However, both kids love smoothies and get very excited when they hear the Magic Bullet creating a fruit/protein drink.

Lauren will sit and read books for 10-15 minutes, Samuel doesn't sit.

Samuel's in a phase of saying, "Give me. Give me water. Give me more." We're working on that.

Lauren loves Elmo and Samuel Thomas the Train. They both love 'helping' in the kitchen and stand on a chair together at the kitchen counter.

Samuel will often climb onto the chair in front of the computer and say, "I'm going to do a little work."

Our kids make us smile and laugh every single day. They fill our hearts with so much joy. They are completely exhausting and precious beyond words.

They are worth every single day we waited for them.


Anonymous said...

Love these, especially Samuel's "little work." :)

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