Monday, January 3, 2011

Plan B - Pete Wilson

I'm finalizing my 2011 Book List and will post that soon. I need some accountability to start reading again, and I'm hoping my blog will help me in that area.

My plan is to share my observations as I read - whether that's a quote here and there, a summary of a few chapters from time to time or a review of the entire book.

For now I thought I'd share a little about one of the books on my list: Plan B by Pete Wilson.

I started reading Plan B last month. The subhead states: What do you do when God doesn't show up the way you thought he would?

The title intrigued me, of course, due to our road to parenthood and now our journey through unemployment.

My first impressions are...just ok. I don't love the author's style of writing, but I'm intrigued by his belief that everyone will eventually have to face a Plan B season of life - whether that be shattered dreams, a crisis or unmet expectations.

I've only read two chapters: the first one titled Reality and the 12th chapter titled Waiting on God. I couldn't not read that chapter...after all, waiting seems to be my life theme.

These two quotes encouraged my heart and have had me pondering my Plan Bs in life since I read them:

"I've never heard of anyone's journey of faith that hasn't had a Plan B story."

"There is an undeniable relationship between Plan B and the glory of God."

The second quote is from the chapter on waiting...which reminded me that so often our waiting is really not about us. It's about God and His glory. And so often it is through OUR Plan B (which is really God's Plan A) that He is most glorified.

I'm not totally sold on your book Mr. Wilson, but I do think I will be challenged about how I view seasons of life that one could only describe as Plan B.

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Leslie Broussard said...

Glad to see someone else likes to be held accountable for reading :)

How do you decide a year's worth of books in advance?!

I have planned out January...

Can't wait to see your list!