Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why did you adopt me?

I'm in the bathroom getting ready this morning and Samuel looks at the necklace I am wearing - which is a gold cross - and asks what it is. 

I respond, "This is a necklace I have to remind me of God's faithfulness. I got it when we adopted you."

Samuel says: "Why did you adopt me?"

I was so taken aback by his question that I hesitated for a moment. Not because I didn't know how to answer, but because I was so shocked that he voiced such a mature question.....he is just under 2 1/2 years old!

I grabbed his sweet face in both my hands and said: "We adopted you because mommy and daddy had been waiting for a baby for a very long time. And then we got a call that a baby had been born in the hospital. Do you know who that baby was?"

Samuel: "Lauren?" (Which sounded like Warren?")

Me: "No it was you! And we got to take you home to be part of our family and we adopted you because we love you so much!"

And then I'm pretty sure Samuel responded with something like, "Where's daddy?" Because, at all times, my two-year-old must know where his daddy is.

I can't wait to tell Samuel over and over and over again why we adopted him and what a great God we serve.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love this boy! Samuel you are so sweet!

~Auntie Sherry

JellyBelly said...

He is such a precious angel!

Abigail said...

Beautiful! You are so blessed!