Sunday, March 13, 2011

18 months

Dearest Lauren,
Today you are 18 months.

I can hardly believe my sweet baby girl is 1 1/2 years old already. Everyone tells you it goes by fast, and they are absolutely right.

You are changing before my eyes. Growing, talking, playing, pretending, singing, reading, dancing, climbing on things, and following the lead of your big brother.

I want to stop time. I want you to stay this small, this sweet for awhile longer. Not forever, but for awhile.

Our neighbor Sinead says that she loves this age because everything is new and exciting and filled with exploration. It's so true! Every time you do something or see something it's like you are seeing it or doing it for the very first time. The smallest things bring you such joy.

This week I opened up the Memory Game that we had been given as a gift for Christmas and you sat in your highchair multiple times and just looked at the cards, stacked them in piles and named the items on the cards like "Balloons" and "Cheese."

One of my favorite things you do is run across the house to me when I get home on Mondays and Wednesdays from work. You yell, "Mommeeeee, mommeeee, mommeeee" and you're smiling ear to ear. It melts my heart.

One of the hardest things for me to do is leave you...just about anywhere. You have quite the attachment to your mama and tears flow freely when you know I'm going to leave you in the nursery, at Gpa and Gma's house or even with your dad. When I go to work I often have to walk away with you crying your eyes out - thank goodness you are home with your dad and brother and you very loved and well taken care of.

I feel like I have a special bond with you Lauren. Dad sees it too. Maybe it's that way with all moms and their baby girls. Maybe it's because you are so attached me at just 18 months and you're not yet ready to go out and explore the world. Maybe it's because you are so much like I Grandma Ruth continually reminds me. You look like I did, you act like I did (I cried until I was four when my mom left me) and you are as picky of an eater as I was.

Your favorite foods these days include cheese, applesauce, cereal, yogurt, noodles, fruit and toast. That pretty much sums up what you eat.

I am so proud of you - how smart you are, how quickly you are learning so many things and how you desire to do the right thing even though I'm beginning to hear "no" more and more these days when I ask you to do something or tell you to stop doing something.

You have an incredible love for your blankets and your teddy which you ask for frequently. I know it's just a stage. Samuel loved his teddy too. But the attachment is so sweet.

Sometimes it takes my breath away how much love I have for you.

I can't wait to paint your fingernails, go to the library and sit and read books together, and brush your hair into pig tails.

I know that time will come. It will be here soon.

So today I cherish the moments of my 18-month-old baby girl: dancing together around the house, lots of hugs, "gentle" as you tenderly pat my face, excited screeches for "ELMO!", your ability to sign so many things to communicate with us, and your feisty spirit that dictates what songs we sing and books we read.

All my love baby girl. Today and every day. 


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