Thursday, March 17, 2011

Out of my control

Today is my husband's 35th birthday.

And today was a good day. A really really good day. He told me multiple times how loved and cared for he felt by our family and friends. 

We baked birthday muffins and birthday cookies. We sang Happy Birthday. We had birthday balloons and birthday decorations.

Ryan had breakfast with friends, lunch with his family and enjoyed a night out with his first St. Patty's Day green beer.

It was memorable. It was fun.

However, I was reminded today, once again, how out of control I feel when it comes to Ryan's employment status. I can bake, cook, buy, celebrate, decorate, love, and laugh with my man.

But I cannot get him a job. I cannot employ him. I cannot help him fulfill his God-given role as provider.

I can encourage him. I can affirm him. I can help him feel loved and supported and appreciated.

And maybe, for today, that just has to be enough.

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Wonder Woman said...

I can totally relate. I love your blog and your posts. Thank you.