Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The power of prayer

Do you believe in the power of prayer? Do you pray as if there is great power in prayer? What is your greatest answer to prayer? 

My mom's group is reading Celebration of Discipline together and we are currently discussing a chapter on prayer. It's excellent (as they all are!). My friend KB wrote the following about one of the greatest answers to prayer that she has experienced in her life. KB is an amazing prayer warrior and I am so very thankful she had the courage to pray a prayer that gave ALL the glory to God.

Then I think of ridiculous ways that God has answered prayer in my life. My best friends, Stacy, JeriAnne, and I all dealt with infertility for awhile before all our wonderful children came. At a meeting, I asked people to pray that my friends would have kids before me. On the way home, MB asked me why I prayed that, and it was because I really meant it. I didn't want to have to know what it would be like to have kids before they did. A little later, Jeri heard from a teenage mother from her hometown that she wanted to give her baby to them. I got pregnant then Stacy got pregnant, and we were all in awe of how good God could be. Then Stacy had another miscarriage, and we were back at square one wondering what in the world God could be doing. Right? If you don't know the story, it's really just a miraculous showing of God's timing that we could have no idea of how good it was. It would have been great if Stacy had kept that baby, but God intended Samuel for them. A day or two after Chloe was born, Jeri got a call from another mother looking to give them her baby. Knowing she couldn't take on two newborns, she called Stacy. There is Samuel. My friends both had babies before I did and now we all share in the joy of motherhood together. Listening to Stacy or Ryan tell their story is absolutely amazing, and God has been glorified and praised often because of this.

I love my story and I love hearing it told from the perspective of a friend who prayed such an amazing prayer that only God could have orchestrated the events to make it happen. All three of us wanted babies, and yet KB prayed that her two friends would have kids before she did. God heard that prayer. He answered that prayer.

What if KB had never prayed that prayer? Would the events that occurred still happened in a timeline that allowed Jeri and I to become moms before KB? 

I have no idea and to be honest I don't really care. What matters to me is that KB so strongly believes in the power of prayer that she prayed a courageous, bold prayer on behalf of her friends. She petitioned our great God about babies. No request is too small. No prayer is too bold for our God.

Thank you KB. And thank you Lord, for showing three young women the incredible power of prayer.

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